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It’s not just what has been done, but how well it’s been done!


The term efficient is very much confused and misused with the term effective. In general efficiency is a measurable concept that has been quantitatively determined.

Effectiveness on the other hand is the capability of producing a desired result that is both objective driven and qualitative.

So to be effective, it is critically important to measure the qualitative impact as well as the quantitative output for each member of the sales force.

This is especially true for sales managers as they are directly responsible for the leadership, influence & performance of a large group of people, as a consequence sales managers are the number one performance driver in any team1.

Productivity can only ever be improved if we carefully target our activity through using tools like CRM (quantity) and measure how well we do things (quality).

Xentor Enterprise allows the capture and ongoing evaluation of the many qualitative outputs that take place within a sales force while automatically correlating this with quantitative data.

Data relationships can be then be built and manager representative impact and or focus areas determined (what works and what doesn’t).




1 Sales Executive Council

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